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Wild hiking tour to the islets of Kassari island. Guided tour for 4 hours walk / 12 km. Holiday home customer: 12 €/person. 

With row boat to discover the coast of Kassari island. For 15 € you can use the boat during your stay.

Boat tour to the lonely islet in the Kassari bay. Price: 50 € / 2 hours. (4 persons at once).

Usage of outside fireplace. Enjoy your evening outside with barbeque/dinner and real fire which warms up your outside stay. Price: 50 € once.

Massage for recover. Classical massage service at holiday home or in privacy in NATURE of Kassari island. Experienced professional masseur Mrs. Ingrid Purge gives better feeling to your body. Ask for more info.

Riding and hiking on horses. Take a challenge to discover nature of Kassari island on horse. Ask for more info.